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Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg Preview Their New Show for Ellen DeGeneres (2016-10-27): Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg made gnocchi from scratch for Ellen DeGeneres. Their new reality show will air on VH-1 where they cook and entertain famous friends.

Rob Riggle Stars as Coach Colonel Sanders in New KFC Commercials (2016-09-28): Comedian Rob Riggle stars as Coach Colonel in new KFC commercial. He coaches the Kentucky Buckets.

Pancake Selfie Express Embarks on Nine City Tour (2015-09-05): Rob Riggle is taking the Pancake Selfie Express on a nine city tour. The vehicle is part of a Holiday Inn Express promotion.

Chrissy Teigen Drinks Freaky Teigy Cocktail and Eats Rhubarb Pie Ice Cream (2015-08-12): Chrissy Teigen drinks a Freaky Teigy cocktail and eats rhubarb pie ice cream in these photos from her Instagram.

Nick Offerman Provides Tour of Pizza Farm in Satirical Video (2015-07-19): Nick Offerman provides a tour of his pizza farm in a satirical video created by Funny or Die for the American Heart Association.

Ariana Grande Apologizes for Doughnut Fiasco in YouTube Video (2015-07-09): Ariana Grande apologizes for licking doughnuts and hating America in a new YouTube video.

Elmo, Rosita and Grover Share Recipes on Good Morning America (2015-06-20): Elmo, Rosita and Grover shared recipes from their new cookbook, Sesame Street Let's Cook, on Good Morning America.

Darrell Hammond is Colonel Sanders (2015-06-18): Comedian Darrell Hammond is Colonel Sanders in a new campaign.

Strawberry Grown in Japan is the World's Heaviest Strawberry (2015-05-26): A strawberry grown in Japan is pronounced the world's heaviest strawberry by Guiness World Records.

Gummy Bear Bed Was Made Using Over 26,000 Gummy Bears (2015-05-21): The Summerfield Gummy Bear Bed was made using over 26,000 Gummy Bears.

Kevin Bacon Stars in New Incredible Edible Egg Campaign (2015-03-14): Kevin Bacon is the face of a new Incredible Edible Egg campaign from the American Egg Board

Colton Haynes Thinks About Donuts Every 7.5 Seconds (2013-08-17): Actor Colton Haynes is constantly thinking about donuts.

Ashrita Furman Has More Guinness World Records Than Anyone (2012-08-12): Ashrita Furman has more world records than anyone, including the Guinness World Record for holding the most world records.

Man Eats Ghost Pepper, Suffers (2012-04-23): Another guy, another super hot pepper.

Fanta Seeks Fourth Fantana Member (2010-06-11): Last summer, Fanta reintroduced The Fantanas - Summer, Melody and Isabela - as the brand's ambassadors of fun.

Actor Michael Cera Eats Pizza Near JWoww (2010-01-04): Actor Michael Cera was caughting eating pizza in the same room with Jenni Woww, one of the cast members from the heavily criticized MTV reality series, Jersey Shore.

Miley Cyrus Enjoys Pizza and Pasta in Rome (2009-04-20): Miley Cyrus is in Rome eating pizza and pasta.

Ashley Tisdale Explains Marshmallow Peeps (2009-04-12): Ashley Tisdale was talking to ITN about how she loves getting candy for Easter even though she isn't a big fan of candy.

KFC's Colonel Sanders Visits Hell, Michigan (2008-06-30): Did you know there is a Hell, Michigan? There is although it isn't really all that hot compared to some parts of the U.

Anthony Bourdain Loves the Holidays (2007-09-17): Rolling Stone reports on what is surely going to be the weirdest holiday special ever.
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