Will Ferrell and Michelle Obama do a PSA for Let's Move

Posted on February 24, 2014

First Lady Michelle Obama and Will Ferrell must have hit it off when they both were guests on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. They both participated in the comedy sketch "Ew!" in which Will was dressed as a teen girl who says Ew! a lot. Now Will and Mrs. Obama have teamed up for a fun PSA in celebration of the fourth anniversary of the Let's Move! campaign. In this clip, Mrs. Obama and Will host a focus group with young children to talk about eating healthy and exercising.

The First Lady asks the children to name some of their favorite fruits and vegetables. Will chimes in, "Let me guess, cabbage?" Later she asks them who their favorite comedian is. One kid blurts out, "Jimmy Fallon!" Another agrees with the Fallon pick. Will begins to pout and tells Mrs. Obama, "You're just lucky I didn't ask them who their favorite first lady is!" It's really funny, take a look:

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