Will Ferrell Announces He is New Face of Little Debbie Snack Cakes

Posted on March 20, 2015

Will Ferrell was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote Get Hard, his new comedy with Kevin Hart. But the movie was the last thing on Will's mind. He had some very exciting news to share: he announced that he is the new face of Little Debbie snack foods.

As part of his contract Will explained that he must dress in character as Little Debbie herself. And that's Little Debbie, not L'il Debbie, so make sure you get it right. Will was in full character as Debbie. He wore a blue and white gingam dress with a curly wig and fetching straw hat. He kept his legs bare. He accessorized with white ruffled anklet socks and black patent leather mary janes. Will shared the fact that each of his films must contain at least one scene in which he portrays Little Debbie.

Will showed off his encyclopedic knowledge of the Tennessee based food company's products, which include Swiss Rolls, Zebra Cakes, Devil Squares, Cosmic Cupcakes, fruit pies, Oatmeal Creme Pies and Cosmic Brownies. He successfully picked a snack cake over a baked potato while blindfolded. and in the second part of the interview he revealed that he always disciplines his children (he has three boys) while dressed as Little Debbie. He say his kids know that when Little Debbie shows up things are getting serious.

There's only one problem. McKee Foods, which owns Little Debbie, had no idea they had chosen a new spokesperson. But they were pretty happy about it. On Twitter, Little Debbie tweeted "We didn't arrange Little Debbie’s appearance last night on late night comedy, but we thought it was hilariously funny." They also revealed that Will had jumped the gun on a top secret product launch, which will now be cancelled; the cream filled baked potato project is officially dead.

Adweek tracked down Mike Gloekler, the corporate communications and pr manager for McKee Foods and asked him what he thought about the gag. Gloekler was pretty happy about it saying, "McKee Foods was delightfully surprised by Will Ferrell's appearance. While this was not a coordinated publicity stunt, nor a paid advertisement, we appreciate both the humor of the segment and the exposure of our Little Debbie brand to Jimmy Fallon's huge national TV audience." He also said the company was happy that the audience seemed quite enthusiastic when Ferrell went into the audience to hand out delicious snack cakes.

We do hope that Gloekler immediately sent a truckload of Little Debbie snacks to Ferrell's house as a thank you gift. Take a look:

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