Elmo, Rosita and Grover Share Recipes on Good Morning America

Posted on June 20, 2015

Elmo, Rosita and Grover were recent guests on Good Morning America. They were making recipes from their new cookbook, Sesame Street Let's Cook.

Elmo was making a waffle breakfast sandwich that had cheese and tomatoes in the middle. Rosita was making corn cakes with a salsa topping that includes mango and avocado. Rosita says the corn cakes make you "smarter, stronger and kinder because you have to share."

Grover made a birthday cake called Zoe's birthday cake. It has a chocolate frosting and ricotta cheese in the middle. He also shared a green beverage called Oscar's Green Smoothie. The smoothie contains banana, apple juice, kale and avocado. Take a look:

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