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Goosebumps Tops Weekend Box Office (2015-10-18): Goosebumps won the box office this weekend with a $23.5 million opening. It was followed by The Martian.

Lily James Fights Zombies in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Trailer (2015-10-09): Lily James fights zombies in her spare time in the horror comedy Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Seth Grahame-Smith's novel added zombies to the Jane Austen classic.

Jaws 19 Trailer from Universal Pictures (2015-10-08): Universal Pictures shared this trailer for Jaws 19 to promote the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future.

Terrifying First Trailer for The Witch (2015-08-23): Robert Eggers won Best Director at Sundance for his terrifying horror film The Witch which is set in 1630 America. A Puritan family is terrorized when they move to a remote farm.

James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe Star in Victor Frankenstein Trailer (2015-08-18): James McAvoy is Dr. Frankenstein and Daniel Radcliffe is Igor in the first trailer for the darkly funny reimagining of the classic horror tale.

Cassidy Gifford Discusses The Gallows Movie on Today (2015-07-07): Cassidy Gifford discussed The Gallows movie on Today with her mom, Kathie Lee, and Hoda Kotb.

M. Night Shyamalan's The Visit Trailer is Very Creepy (2015-04-26): The trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's The Visit is super creepy. Kids visit their grandparents' house and find out their relatives are hiding a big, scary secret.

Djimon Hounsou and Michael Pena Get Their Exorcist On in The Vatican Tapes Trailer (2015-03-07): Djimon Hounsou and Michael Pena are holy men fighting the Antichrist who is possessing a young woman in the first Vatican Tapes trailer.

Tom Hiddleston and Jessica Chastain Star in First Trailer for Crimson Peak (2015-02-15): Guillermo del Toro has released the first trailer for his gothic romance, Crimson Peak. The Victorian era horror film stars Charlie Hunnam, Jessica Chastain and Tom Hiddleston.

CW to Launch iZombie Series on March 17 (2015-01-17): The CW will launch a new undead series, iZombie, on March 17th. The series is

New Season of American Horror Story Gets Freaky (2014-09-08): The new season of American Horror Story is set in a freak show in 1952. Newcomers to the cast include Matt Bomer and Patti LaBelle.

Trailer for Dracula Untold Starring Luke Evans (2014-09-06): Luke Evans stars as Vlad Tepes, in this different take on the Dracula legend. To save his people he makes a terrible bargain and loses his soul.

Sasquatch is Back in the Trailer for Exists (2014-09-01): The director of The Blair Witch Project has a new horror film about young people who get lost in the woods and meet Sasquatch. He's angry and does not like teens.

Trailer for Amityville: The Awakening Starring Bella Thorne and Cameron Monaghan (2014-08-24): It's time for another installment in Amityville. Bella Thorne, Cameron Monaghan and Jennifer Jason Leigh star in the trailer for Amityville: The Awakening.

The WWE's Hornswoggle Stars in the Trailer for Leprechaun Origins (2014-06-09): The WWE's Hornswoggle stars in the trailer for the horror film Leprechaun Origins. This time they go to Ireland.

Trailer for Eli Roth's Horror Film, The Green Inferno (2014-05-31): Eli Roth's new horror film The Green Inferno sends naive activist students to the Amazon to save a native tribe. It does not turn out well.

Trailer for Wayward Pines Starring Matt Dillon, Carla Gugino and Juliette Lewis (2014-05-17): Here is the trailer for the new Fox show Wayward Pines, based on the novel by Blake Crouch. M. Night Shyamalan adapted the story for tv.

Actress Eiza Gonzales Talks From Dusk Till Dawn Role (2014-05-16): Actress Eiza Gonzales talks about her role in the From Dusk Till Dawn television series.

Trailer for As Above So Below Starring Ben Feldman and Perdita Weeks (2014-05-01): Ben Feldman, Perdita Weeks and Edwin Hodge star in the trailer for the psychological thriller-horror film As Above So Below.

Zoe Saldana Talks Filming Rosemary's Baby in Paris (2014-04-28): Zoe Saldana and director Agnieszka Holland talk filming psychological horror film Rosemary's Baby in Paris, which is now the headquarters of the devil.

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