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Harrison Ford Injured on Set of Star Wars: Episode VII (2014-06-12): Harrison Ford was injured on the set of Star Wars: Episode VII. Reports say he was airlifted to a hospital with a possible fractured ankle.

Second Trailer for The Giver Starring Meryl Streep, Brenton Thwaites and Jeff Bridges (2014-06-04): Meryl Streep is front and center at the new trailer for The Giver, which is based on the dystopian young adult novel. Brenton Thwaites, Jeff Bridges and Katie Holmes also star.

Trailer for Snowpiercer Starring Chris Evans and Tilda Swinton (2014-05-31): Here is the trailer for the post-apocalyptic thriller Snowpiercer starring Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton, John Hurt and Jamie Bell.

First Teaser Trailer for Doctor Who Season 8 (2014-05-25): Here is the incredibly short teaser trailer for season 8 of Doctor Who which will debut in August, 2014.

Trailer for Return of the Jedi if it Were Directed by David Lynch (2014-05-22): David Lynch turned down George Lucas' request to direct Return of the Jedi. Here's that the film might have looked like if he had said yes.

JJ Abrams Announces Charity Initiative, Offers Chance to Be in Star Wars Episode VII (2014-05-21): JJ Abrams discusses the new Star Wars Force for Change charity initiative. Donate $10 and you are eligible to win a walk on part in Star Wars Episode VII.

Trailer for Wayward Pines Starring Matt Dillon, Carla Gugino and Juliette Lewis (2014-05-17): Here is the trailer for the new Fox show Wayward Pines, based on the novel by Blake Crouch. M. Night Shyamalan adapted the story for tv.

Extended Trailer for Extant Starring Halle Berry (2014-05-17): Halle Berry, Goran Visnjic, and Hiroyuki Sanada star in the extended trailer for Extant which is produced by Steven Spielberg for CBS.

Trailer for Interstellar Starring Matthew McConaughey and Jessica Chastain (2014-05-16): Here is the first trailer for Christopher Nolan's Interstellar. It stars Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain, Michael Caine and Annd Hathaway.

Trailer for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Starring Andy Serkis and Keri Russell (2014-05-08): Andy Serkis returns as genetically enhanced ape Caesar in the trailer for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. War will determine who will rule the planet, apes or humans.

Ann Leckie Wins 2014 Arthur C. Clarke Award (2014-05-05): Ann Leckie is the winner of the 2014 Arthur C. Clarke Award for her debut novel, Ancillary Justice.

Countdown City Wins 2014 Philip K. Dick Award (2014-05-01): Countdown City by Ben H. Winters is the winner of the 2014 Philip K. Dick Award.

J.J. Abrams and Lucasfilm Announce Cast of Star Wars: Episode VII (2014-04-29): J.J. Abrams and Lucasfilm have announed the cast of Star Wars: Episode VII.

Trailer for The Anomaly Starring Ian Somerhalder, Noel Clarke and Luke Hemsworth (2014-04-25): Ian Somerhalder, Noel Clarke and Alexis Knapp star in the trailer for the sf thriller The Anomaly. Luke Hemsworth also stars.

Production Begins on San Andreas Disaster Film Starring Dwayne Johnson (2014-04-17): Warner Bros. has announced that princial photography has begun on San Andreas in Australia.

Syfy Greenlights Series Based on James S.A. Corey's Leviathan Wakes (2014-04-13): Syfy has ordered a new series based on James S.A. Corey's Expanse series which begins with Leviathan Wakes. The space thriller is set 200 years in the future.

Trailer for Lucy Starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman (2014-04-02): Luc Besson directs the film Lucy starring Scarlett Johansson as an unwilling drug mule who ingests a drug that turns her into a superhero. Morgan Freeman co-stars.

Second Trailer for Jupiter Ascending Released (2014-03-30): The Wachowski siblings are back with a new science fiction epic called Jupiter Ascending. Channing Tatum, Mila Kunis and Sean Bean.

Teaser Trailer for Into the Storm Starring Richard Armitage and Sarah Wayne Callies (2014-03-27): Warner Bros. has released the teaser trailer for Into the Storm starring Richard Armitage and Sarah Wayne Callies.

Divergent Wins Weekend Box Office (2014-03-25): Divergent won the weekend box office with a $56 million weekend. It was a big debut for the dystopian series.
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