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Here are the latest posts about Ashton Kutcher on Watchers Watch:

Two and a Half Men Will End With Season Twelve: CBS will end its long running sitcom Two and a Half Men at season twelve. (2014-05-14)

Theatrical Trailer for Jobs Starring Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs: Ashton Kutcher stars as Steve Jobs in this theatrical trailer for the biopic called Jobs. (2013-06-22)

Ashton Kutcher Tops Forbes List of Highest Paid TV Actors: Ashton Kutcher has topped Forbes list of the highest paid TV actors. (2012-10-18)

Filming for Steve Jobs Movie Begins at Steve Jobs' Childhood Home in Los Altos: Filming for the new Steve Jobs movie has started near Jobs' childhood home in Los Altos, California. This film stars Ashton Kutcher as Jobs. (2012-06-08)

Steve Wozniak Releases Statement Supporting Ashton Kutcher Playing Steve Jobs: USA Today reports that Steve Wozniak, a co-founder of Apple with Steve Jobs, has released a statement i in an upcoming movien support of Ashton Kutcher playing Steve Jobs. (2012-04-03)

MTV Might Bring Back Punk'd With Justin Bieber as Host: Vulture reports MTV is planning to bring back Punk'd. (2010-10-05)

Jennifer Garner in Valentine's Day Scene With Taylor Swift: Jennifer Garner appears in a scene with Taylor Swift in the movie Valentine's Day. (2010-01-27)

Alicia Silverstone, Ashton Kutcher Talk About Brittany Murphy's Death: Celebrities are starting to speak out about the shocking death of 32 year old actress Brittany Murphy. (2009-12-20)

January Jones Talks Ashton Kutcher, Betty Draper With GQ: January Jones talks Ashton Kutcher and Betty Draper in an interview with GQ. She says Kutcher was not very supportive of her acting. (2009-10-13)

It Was Open Season on The Guardian: Sony's new animated comedy, Open Season easily won the box office this past weekend, with an estimated take of $23,000,000. (2006-10-02)