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Here are the latest posts about Robots on Watchers Watch:

World Record for Most Robots Dancing Simultaneously Set in China: The world record for the most robots dancing simultaneously has been set in China. (2016-08-11)

Stephen Colbert Tackles Robotic Dummy: Stephen Colbert tackles a robotic dummy known as the Robotic MVP, the Mobile Virtual Player (2015-10-12)

Master Swordsman Battles Robotic Arm in Slicing Contest: The Yaskawa robotic arm engages in a slicing contest with a master swordsman in this video. (2015-06-18)

Dev Patel Creates an Advanced Robot in Trailer for Chappie: The first trailer for Neill Blomkamp's Chappie shows Sharlto Copley playing robot that can feel emotion using motion capture. Dev Patel and Hugh Jackman co-star. (2014-11-09)

Video: How to Survive a Robot Uprising: Daniel H. (2012-05-14)

Hugh Jackman Trained With Sugar Ray Leonard for Robot Boxing Movie Real Steel: Hugh Jackman trained with Sugar Ray Leonard for his role in the robot boxing movie, Real Steel. (2011-10-02)

Giant Teddy Bear Faced Robot Designed to Lift Patients Into Wheelchairs: If you get sick in the future - and need to be lifted off the floor and into a wheelchair - a large teddy bear faced robot may come to your aid. (2011-08-02)

Little Robot Uses Meetup to Find Friends: Eric B. (2011-05-19)

British Company Ready for the War Against Robots: A British company named War Defense is ready for the battle against evil robots. (2008-10-29)

Baby Robot Created in Japan: Japanese scientists have created a baby robot that can walk, baby talk and feel. (2007-06-04)

BigDog: Large Quadruped Robot: The video shows what BigDog, an advanced quadruped robot, can do. (2007-05-31)

Keepon Robot Gets Its Groove On: This video features a beatbot robot called Keepon (developed by Hideki Kozima and programmed by Marek Michalowski) dancing to the song "I Turn My Camera On" by the band Spoon. (2007-04-09)

Robots That Walk: This robot is learning to walk. (2007-03-05)

Wild Robot Ride: This is one wild robot ride. (2007-01-31)

Asimo Runs, Climbs Stairs and Plays Soccer: Honda's crowd pleasing robot named Asimo climbs stairs in this video. (2007-01-13)

The Robot That Loves Hello Kitty: Pink Tentacle reports that Sanrio, the company that owns the license to Hello Kitty, has now created a female robot. (2006-10-06)

Boot Throwing Robot Invented: Scientists at Aberystwyth University have invented a robotic welly wanger, which is a robot dedicated to the task of boot throwing. (2006-08-25)

Scientists Invent Robotic Tentacles: New Scientist reports that scientists have invented robotic arms called Octarms. (2006-05-10)

MIT Scientists Create Robot Snail: Scientists are making progress on the ultimate goal of having a robot match for every creature on Earth. (2005-12-14)

Scientists Invent Robot Arm Wrestler: Robots. (2005-12-01)