ABC Offers Masters of Science Fiction

Posted on August 1, 2007

Masters of Science Fiction ABC

ABC will offer an anthology series this fall called Masters of Science Fiction. It sounds like The Twilight Zone meets Amazing Stories. Some of the stars of the series include Sam Waterston, Judy Davis, Anne Heche, Terry O’Quinn, Elisabeth Röhm, John Hurt, Sean Astin, James Denton and James Cromwell.

The Seattle Times reports that the pilot episode involves a man who has blocked years of his life from his memory.

"Masters of Science Fiction" doesn't have Serling. Instead, it has renowned brainiac Stephen Hawking, whose machine-generated voice introduces and summarizes each episode with Delphic pronouncements and questions like "If necessity is the mother of invention, what will drive our ingenuity when our needs have been fulfilled?"

This is just the kind of thing that charges the imaginations of 14-year-old boys, or of older boys who sit at home on Saturday nights, phasars at the ready.

Sounds worth checking out, for the source material and guest stars alone. We know Judy Davis and Anne Heche can do weird and spooky.

Image: ABC

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