Tom Hanks Stars in Spielberg Cold War Thriller Bridge of Spies

Posted on June 5, 2015

Tom Hanks stars in the new Steven Spielberg Cold War thriller Bridge of Spies which is based on a true story. Hanks stars as a corporate attorney who is recruited by the CIA to negotiate the release of a U2 pilot shot down in the USSR.

The pilot has crucial intelligence about the CIA, which is desperate to get him back. At the same time a Soviet spy was uncovered in the government. Hanks' character must represent the hated traitor in his criminal proceedings in order to fulfill his mission. But this puts his family at risk from a furious public who wants the spy executed.

The cast is stellar. Mark Rylance is Rudolf Abel, the KGB agent Donovan must defend, Amy Ryan is Donovan's wife Mary, Sebastian Kock is East German attorney Vogel, Scott Shepherd is the CIA operative Hoffman and Alan Alda is Thomas Watters, Donovan's law partner. The screenplay was written by the Coen brothers and Matt Charman. The film is set for release on October 16th. If the trailer is any indication, this could mean another Oscar nomination for Hanks. Take a look:

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