Heather Mills is Dancing With the Stars

Posted on March 1, 2007

Heather Mills, the soon to be ex-wife of Sir Paul McCartney has signed on to be a contestant in Dancing With the Stars. In an interview with Extra, Mills says that she hopes her prosthetic leg doesn't fall off.

Some might see Heather Mills' artificial leg as a drawback for "Dancing with the Stars," but Mills plans on using it as a weapon! In an interview with "EXTRA" correspondent Terri Seymour, Mills says, "Hopefully my leg will stay on ... it's very unlikely [it will come off] though it'd be funny to knock one of the judges out!"

Heather, who lost her left leg in 1993 after an accident involving a police motorcycle, seems an odd choice for a dancing competition, but she's not worried, "I have no fear, I'm quite happy to be thrown around." Between dance classes, Mills also is battling estranged hubby Paul McCartney in divorce court, with preliminary hearings starting today in London's High Court.

We don't even know where to start with this one. First off, we can't stand Heather Mills: she's a gold-digging bimbo who has nearly destroyed Paul McCartney's and his childrens' lives with her ghastly behavior during the divorce. She's coming to the U.S. because they can't stand her in Britain -- remember, Britain is where this show began. Of course, Sir Paul was an idiot for not making her sign a pre-nup. Our sympathies are with the long-suffering children, not the horrid stepmother.

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