Hollywood Industry News

Theater Owners Want Movie Trailers Shortened (2014-02-01): Theater owners think movie trailers are too long. They want a maximum length of two minutes for trailers.

Pulitzer Prize Winning Film Critic Roger Ebert Dies (2013-04-04): America's most famous film critic, Roger Ebert, died to day at the age of 70.

Mass Shooting Reported at Midnight Dark Knight Rises Showing in Aurora, CO (2012-07-20): There has been a horrible mass shooting at a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises showing at Century 16 Movie Theaters in Aurora, Colorado.

Conan and NBC Finalize Deal (2010-01-21): The late night NBC disaster is finally over.

MGM is For Sale (2009-11-13): MGM is officially up for sale, according to Variety.

Putting a Stop to Loud TV Commercials (2009-10-16): Super loud commercials may soon be a thing of the past.

Studios Try to Delay Redbox Rental Releases (2009-08-13): Studios are pushing to delay the release of Redbox, a service that rents DVDs through vending machines, according to Variety.

Weinstein Company Facing Bankruptcy? (2009-06-08): The Weinstein Company is on the brink of bankruptcy, according to multiple sources.

Roger Friedman Fired by Fox Over Bootleg Wolverine Review (2009-04-06): Roger Friedman was fired by News Corp.

The Most Overpaid Actors (2008-09-11): Forbes magazine has determined which actors are overpaid, using a formula that calculated the number of dollars earned for the studio for every dollar paid to the actor in question.

Indian Media Conglomerate to Fund Spielberg's New DreamWorks (2008-06-18): An Indian media conglomerate is stepping forward as a backer for Steven Spielberg's dream to re-start Dreamworks as an independent studio.

2007 YouTube Video Award Winners (2008-03-23): The 2007 YouTube Video Award winners have been announced.

Isreal Issues Belated Apology to Beatles (2008-02-10): Raw Story reports that Isreal regrets cancelling a Beatles concert in 1965.

Writers' Strike Negotiations Not Going Well (2007-11-29): The negotiations between the WGA and the studios are offline until Tuesday.

Studios Sue Chinese Download Website (2007-11-22): Major American studios have banded together to sue a Chinese site that allows its viewers to download American movies without permission from the copyright holders.

Led Zeppelin Goes Digital (2007-10-17): Led Zeppelin is finally going to be selling its albums online.

Coppola Criticizes Lazy Pacino, Nicholson and De Niro (2007-10-17): Legendary filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola royally dissed actors Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Jack Nicholson, saying they had all gotten lazy and no longer took challenging roles.

Woman Loses Music Download Case. Ordered to Pay $220,000 (2007-10-04): CBS News reports that 30-year-old Jammie Thomas has been found guilty of sharing copyrighted music online by a federal jury.

The End of Smoking in Movies (2007-10-03): Smoking in movies is well on its way to being extinct.

Sony Says Single Plus Ringtone Equals Ringle (2007-09-17): Reuters reports that the music industry plans to offer a new format called a ringle which will contain three songs (a hit, a remix and another track) plus a ringtone.

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