Will Mel Gibson's Career Go Apocalypto?

Posted on August 2, 2006

Photo from Mel Gibson's Apocalypto

In the wake of Mel Gibson's drunk driving arrest, anti-Semitic tirade, fervent apology and even more fervent apology, Hollywood is buzzing about the effect that the incident will have on Mel's career.

More specifically, how will it affect his upcoming film, Apocalypto, which is being distributed by Disney? The film arrives in theaters just a few months from now, on December 8. It tells a tale of survival in an ancient Mayan civilization. And what do the pros think he'll have to do to be forgiven by the Jewish community and by the film-going public? Time magazine consulted a few experts who had some suggestions, including apologize to the people who write you paychecks and apologize to the public. Some more Mel Gibson apologies are probably on the horizon.

The pros say that he also really has to be sorry and that it will take a long time to recover. Unless, of course, Apocalypto breaks all box office records. Then all will be forgiven in Hollywood. And stop looking at us like that. What, you don't believe that money washes away all sins in La La Land?

Apocalypto movie poster

Photos: Touchstone Pictures