Writers' Strike Negotiations Not Going Well

Posted on November 29, 2007

The negotiations between the WGA and the studios are offline until Tuesday. The studios made a proposal that they made a big deal about, but which turned out to be even less than the writers are getting now. That's not good. The writers will go back to the negotiating table on Tuesday with a counteroffer, but it's not looking good for our favorite SF and fantasy shows.

Wil Wheaton had some choice comments about the studios' offer:

What a load. This is the same sort of crap they pulled on SAG when our contract was up a few years ago.

I can't speak for the guild, but I sure as hell can speak for myself: I'm 100% behind everyone in the WGA, and completely support you guys. This "generous partnership" offer is a pile of crap and an insult all at once.

Keep fighting, WGA. Keep fighting!

That pretty much sums it up.

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