Jane Levy and Lucas Till Befriend a Land Shark in Monster Trucks Trailer

Posted on June 8, 2016

Lucas Till in Monster Trucks

It's a day for really out there trailers. Next up is the trailer for Monster Trucks and it's nothing like you might expect. The comedy horror film stars Lucas Till as Tripp, a high school senior who finds his hometown really boring. He loves cars and builds his own monster truck from parts of scrapped cars. One day there is an accident at an oil well site which accidentally brings an unknown subterranean monster to the surface.

Don't worry, he's friendly -- well at least to Tripp and his spunky girlfriend Meredith, played by the always hilarious Jane Levy. The monster -- who kind of looks like a shark -- hides in Tripp's truck and acts as its engine. Some bad guys want to kill the friendly monster, but Tripp and Meredith are determined to help him get back to his family. Oh, and Danny Glover helps them, too.

Amy Ryan, Rob Lowe, Thomas Lennon, Barry Pepper, Aliyah O'Brien and Samara Weaving also star in the film which hits theaters August 26, 2016. Chris Wedge (Ice Age) directed, and the trailer shows signs of the same energetic, good natured humor. Take a look:

Photo: Paramount Pictures

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