JJ Abrams to Produce Disaster Flick

Posted on August 14, 2008

The BBC reports that Alias and Lost creator JJ Abrams has signed on to produce a disaster movie.

Director JJ Abrams is to produce a new disaster film centred around an earthquake, it has been confirmed.

Film company Universal has not released many details about the as-yet-untitled movie, except to confirm that relationships will be the focal point.

Abrams' last project, Cloverfield, created a media frenzy because all the details were kept secret until the movie hit cinemas.

A disaster film focused on relationships? The one thing we do now about Abrams is his love for the mystery box. If it's an earthquake disaster movie technically you sort of know what the big mystery is going in - that there is going to be a terrible earthquake. It will be interesting to see how Abrams does this and whether he has another secretive Cloverfield-like surprise in store. The lack of details are making us very curious. The BBC says Universal has downplayed rumors the film will be a remake of the 1974 hit Earthquake that starred Charlton Heston. The Hollywood Reporter says Omen screenwriter David Seltzer will write the screenplay for this new earthquake movie.

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