Lego Batman Drops Second Trailer in One Week and We Meet Alfred

Posted on March 28, 2016

The first teaser trailer for the Lego Batman movie was a real treat. Now we have an embarrassment of riches, because we already have a second trailer, even though the film will not be released until 2017. The Caped Crusader, voiced by Will Arnett, tells his fans that he has provided a second trailer because the first one was so popular on Twitter.

He describes the movie: "It's kind of like the original Lego movie, only vastly superior because it revolves entirely around me. When you're as super as me, you don't just get one trailer, you get two in one week."

This trailer opens with the Dark Knight in his cavernous living room at Wayne Manor talking to a portrait of his dead parents. He tells them how he save the city again and that they would be proud of him. He is interrupted by Alfred (Ralph Fiennes). A startled Batman springs into action, apologizing when he realizes he has just hurled his loyal butler across the room into a piano.

Alfred wants to know if he has been talking to the paintings again. Batman denies it, but Alfred knows better. He notes that they have been down this path before, saying, "I've seen you go through similar phases in 2016, and 2012, and 2008 and 2005, in 1997, in 1995, in 1992, in 1989 and that weird one in 1966." This last comment is punctuated by a hilarious clip of Adam West doing the Bat Dance in a clip from the classic tv series. We also got a quick look at Affleck's Batman and Clooney's infamous costume.

Batman replied, "I have aged phenomenally." He then demands to know if Alfred has recorded his impromptu tantrum/beatboxing eruption telling him their motto: Always Be Recording. Will Arnett's Batman stole every scene he was in during the first Lego movie, and that's saying something considering how much voice talent was in the film.

In case you missed it you can find the first trailer here. How are we going to wait until February 10, 2017 for this to come out? Take a look:

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