Animals, Nature and Science Movie and TV News

Wild Pikas Call Out to Each Other (2019-04-19): Listen to these wild pikas calling out to each other from rocky locations in Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park, British Columbia.

Snoop Dogg Narrates Iguana vs. Snakes Nature Video (2017-06-13): Snoop Dogg narrated the Iguana vs. Snakes nature video from Planet Earth II for Jimmy Kimmel Live

Panda Battles Snowman at Toronto Zoo (2016-12-23): A panda bear took on a snowman built in his enclosure at the Toronto Zoo.

Smiley Face Appears in Hawaiian Volcano (2016-08-01): A smiley face appeared in the crater of the Kilauea volcano. The footwage was captured by a helicopter tour company.

Newborn Nigerian Dwarf Goats Wear Sweaters (2016-06-17): Newborn Nigerian Dwarf goats were cozy sweaters in this cute animal video.

Giant Panda Cubs Create Mischief for Cleaning Lady (2016-05-30): These giant panda cubs made it impossible for the lady to clean theiir living area.

Mother Goose Gets Police Officer to Help Rescue Gosling (2016-05-12): A determined mother goose went and sought the help of a police officer to help its gosling tangled up in a balloon string.

Cute Fox Named Juniper Thinks Bed Sheets are Snow (2016-02-11): A cute fox named Juniper thinks white bed sheets are snow and keeps trying to jump into them.

Japan Zoo Holds Escaped Zebra Drill With Person in Zebra Costume (2016-02-02): A zoo employee wears a zebra costume in a escaped animal drill held at the Ueno Zoo in Tokyo, Japan.

GoPro Camera Falls Into Rattlesnake Pit (2015-10-14): A snake den is not a good place to lose your GoPro camera. This one had lots of rattlesnakes in it.

Octopus Named Rambo Photographs Visitors at New Zealand Aquarium (2015-05-24): An octopus named Rambo takes photographs of visitors to her tank at the Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium in Auckland.

Will Ferrell Does Not Want to Discuss Professor Feathers (2015-03-27): Will Ferrell was a guest on Conan, but he refused to answer questions about the white bird on his shoulder. After all, some things must remain private.

Disneynature's Monkey Kingdom Follows Monkeys Living in Ancient Ruins (2014-10-13): Disneynature's Monkey Kingdom nature movie follows a group of monkeys inhabiting an ancient ruins in South Asia.

Olivia Holt Sings Carry On From Disneynature Bears (2014-05-17): Olivia Holt signs Carry On from the Disneynature Bears movie.

Swedish Showjumping Rabbits Compete in London (2014-05-17): Swedish showjumping rabbits will compete in an event in London. This video should definitely viral.

Prince George Meets a Bilby (2014-04-21): Prince George's second official apperance went off without a hitch as he met a bilby at Taronga Zoo. The enclosure is named after him, as is the bilby he met.

Duchess of Cambridge Visits the Taronga Zoo (2014-04-20): The Duchess of Cambridge wore a yellow eyelet dress to the Taronga Zoo and got to pet an adorable koala.

Pluto Confronts Neil deGrasse Tyson About Being Demoted From Planet to Dwarf Planet (2014-03-19): Neil deGrasse Tyson was a guest on Seth Meyers' show and was confronted by the former planet Pluto who had a few choice words for the astrophysicist that ruined his life.

Rebel Wilson and Ellen DeGeneres Perform Their New Rap Single, Watching Cats on the Internet (2014-02-19): Rebellen, the rap duo of Ellen DeGeneres and Rebel Wilson, perform their new single Watching Cats on the Internet

Trailer for Particle Fever, a Large Hadron Collider Documentary (2014-01-25): Here is the trailer for Particle Fever, a documentary about the Large Hadron Collider. The film follows six scientists during the launch of the Large Hadron Collider.