Japan Zoo Holds Escaped Zebra Drill With Person in Zebra Costume

Posted on February 2, 2016

The Ueno Zoo in Tokyo, Japan is known for its animal escape drills. They take these drills very seriously as they can save lives and prevent injuries should an animal escape. The drills are also hilarious because the zoo uses people in animals costumes.

An employee is dressed in a zebra costume in the latest drill. The zookeepers first attempt to capture the zebra in a net. It doesn't work and the zebra gets past them knocking a zoo worker to the ground in the process. He is injured and requires immediate medical assistance.

The zebra runs around the park enjoying its temporary freedom. To corral the escaped animal the zookeepers start making noise and calling to it while holding large nets. A zoo vehicle pulls up next to the zebra and it is shot with a tranquilizer dart. The zebra slowly collapses to the ground. The zookeepers poke the zebra with a pole to make sure it is completely tranquilized. They then take the zebra away. Mission accomplished.

There have been several of these drills in the past but they never get old. Some of the past drills have included an escaped gorilla and an escaped leopard. Take a look:

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