GoPro Camera Falls Into Rattlesnake Pit

Posted on October 14, 2015

A man was using his GoPro camera to film a rattlesnake pit. The noisy rattlers were very curious about the camera. Many of the snakes had their blackish tongues out as they observed the GoPro.

Eventually one of the snakes bit the camera and the man dropped it into the pit of dangerous highly agitated rattlesnakes. He was able to get it back out using a hockey stick. The man wrote in a tweet, "Just got some great rattlesnake footage, the GoPro was knocked off the stick from a snake striking it and landed in a ball of snakes. Fished it out with a hockey stick, just got done cleaning the venom off my GoPro."

We would not advise getting this close to so many rattlesnakes. He did get some excellent rattlesnake pit footage. Take a look:

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