Prime Minister of Great Britain Says He is Baffled by Netflix

Posted on June 2, 2014

The Prime Minister of Great Britain, David Cameron, is confused about the ways that people watch television these days, especially Netflix.

Cameron was out campaigning and ended up at an electronics store. The outing turned into one of those events that campaign managers dread: when the politico reveals how out of touch he is with ordinary people.

The Telegraph reports that Cameron said he thinks he has an old 28" Thompson television somewhere at home. Then he revealed the whole Netflix thing baffles him saying, "I am only 47 and I am meant to be in touch with this stuff but it is getting quite confusing with tablets, and phones and televisions. So much functionality. You don't know whether you are meant to be Sky Plus or NetFlix, and they [the employees at the electronics store he was visiting] are brilliant at trying 40-somethings through this maze. So I think I had better get down there and buy myself a bigger TV."

Sadly, no journalist asked the prime minister which shows he binge watches.

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