Seth MacFarlane Discusses Kissing Charlize Theron

Posted on May 26, 2014

Seth MacFarlane was a guest on The Today Show to talk about his new movie A Million Way to Die in the West. Seth says he was nervous about being on screen so much, as he is used to being the voice behind things.

Matt Lauer asked if Seth created the entire project just be able to make out with Charlize Theron. Seth replied, "No, but if i had it would be worth it...But now that you've planted this in my head I have to go home and make a list." Seth says that at it's core the film is a romantic comedy and would be great for date night. At that point the crew could be laughing hysterically off camera (the film is really, really raunchy.)

When asked what else is on his bucket list, Seth says he wants to do a dramatic scifi tv series and a splashy musical. He says there will be a sequel to his hit movie Ted in 2015. Surprisingly, he says he's up for another Oscar hosting gig. They asked him back the next year after his infamous turn as host, but he was just too busy to take the job. But he wants to do it again.

Charlize has also discussed kissing Seth on the film with Maude Garrett. Take a look:

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