Stephen Colbert Shaves His Beard for New Show

Posted on June 3, 2015

Stephen Colbert with beard

Stephen Colbert is gearing up to take over CBS' Late Show in September and he began by making one really big change: he shaved his beard. In this video Stephen chats about how he's been going incognito since The Colbert Show ended. His beard has helped him hide.

But that's all over now. He needs a new look for his new show and shared his thoughts about what kind of look he might sport for his new role. Stephen discusses the pros and cons of moustaches, beards, mutton chops and the like. He gives us a little preview of each kind of hair ornament, but eventually takes the plunge and shaves it all off. He reveals that the Colbeard had to go because CBS is making him shave it. Apparently Tom Selleck's moustache has an exclusivity clause -- it is the only facial hair allowed on CBS.

His first look is the "not Hitler" which is a reverse of Adolf Hitler's famous tiny moustache. He tries on an Amish look because Millennials are really into that. He tries out one heavy mutton chops (the half-Woverine) which is truly frightening. He gives us a hint of what his new show may be like, and it's full of subtext. He is eating a hot dog at the beginning of the video, then puts is aside to begin his hair transformation. But when he begins to shave his beard, the camera moves in close so we can see the whiskers falling onto the hot dog. It's totally gross, and keeps getting grosser as more hair is removed.

Millennials, did you enjoy this? Take a look:

Photo: Andrew Matheson/Late Show with Stephen Colbert

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