Taylor Swift Shows Off Her Dance Moves in New Shake it Off Video

Posted on August 18, 2014

Taylor Swift announced her new album on Yahoo Livestream today. The album is called 1989 and will drop on October 27th. The deluxe version of the album will include an envelope of Polaroid photos and three extra songs. She says she gets lots of songwriting questions, so she will include her actual voice memos that she turned into songs.

Taylor also released a video for her new single, "Shake it Off," a catchy tune about not letting all the criticism get to her. The media has had a field day with Swift over the years and this is her response to it. The video shows Taylor trying on different dance styles with professional dancers who are simply amazing at what they do. Taylor told Rolling Stone that the video is about trying out different things in the world and seeing where you fit in.

In the video Taylor shows her comedic talents and isn't afraid to look silly. Taylor tries out formal ballet. Dressed in the full Swan Lake style tutu, she just can't fit in with the other dancers, instead she moves to her own beat. She tries to dance some hip hop, but the moves and the booty shorts defeat her. She said when she filmed the video, the dancers actually tried to teach her how to twerk but she just could not make it happen. The twerking part is really hilarious.

She also tackles modern dance, with all its emotion and drama, rhythmic gymnastics, goes full Lady Gaga and attempts to twerk. Taylor tries out some performance art, as well as cheerleading. But the sequence where she finds her place is the best. She's dressed in a black leotard top and black capris with black ballet flats, just like the classic Audrey Hepburn dance scene in Funny Face. She's in all black dancing her own way with her fans who are all in bright colors. It's natural and it's uplifting. She also fits in quite well with the cheerleaders, where she does a Valley Girl style rap.

We love Taylor and can't wait to hear the rest of the album. Take a look:

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