Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Bell Star in The Boss Trailer

Posted on November 20, 2015

Melissa McCarthy stars in the first trailer for the comedy The Boss. Melissa plays Michelle Darnell, a business tycoon whose life gets turned upside down when she goes to jail for insider trading. When she gets out of jail, she sets out to rehabilitate her good name. She moves in with her former, very downtrodden assistant, played by Kristen Bell.

Her time in prison hasn't mellowed Michelle one bit. She's still the same narcissist that opened a keynote address at a conference by announcing, "My name is Michelle Darnell and I am the wealthiest woman in America. How wealthy am I? I wanted to come down on a golden phoenix and I sure as shit did it!" Determined to regain her former glory, she stars small, attending a meeting of the local girl scouts' chapter that her former assistant's daughter belongs to.

When she discovers that they sell brownies, she sets out to teach the girls how to succeed in business. She recruits scouts, teaches the girls to sell and hawks brownies outside the local pot dispensary. This leads to a major altercation with a competing scout troop. They must have used an entire squad of gymnasts for that scene -- it's hilarious, and so is the trailer. Kristen Bell and Melissa McCarthy together, what's not to love?

The film was directed by Melissa's husband, Ben Falcone, who co-wrote the script with Melissa and Steve Mallory. The film also stars Peter Dinklage, Tyler Labine, Margo Martindale and Kathy Bates. Will Ferrell and Adam McKay were co-producers on the film.

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