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SNL SKit: Veteran Reporter Herb Welch Reports on High School Tragedy: Vetern WXPD news reporter Herb Welch (Bill Hader) returns to report on a high school tragedy. (2011-05-22)

SNL Skit: Prom Album Starring Ed Helms, Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader: In this Saturday Night Live skit, the Buchanan Brothers bring the unsexy back with their album made specifically for parents who don't want their kids to get lucky on prom night. (2011-05-19)

SNL Skit: Knights of the Realm Fight a Dragon Starring Elton John and Tom Hanks: In this SNL skit, a dragon is attacking London, so Prime Minister Cameron has reactivated the Knights of the Realm to fight it. (2011-04-03)

SNL Skit: Canadian Celebrity Gossip Show: Canadians love entertainment gossip as much as Americans do, but in this Saturday Night Live skit we see that their approach to reporting celebrity gossip is different than TMZ's. (2011-03-13)

SNL Skit: Mr. Wizard's World Starring Jesse Eisenberg and Bill Hader: Jesse Eisenberg hosted SNL this weekend. (2011-01-30)

SNL Skit: Souping Starring Emma Stone and Bill Hader: SNL had a very funny skit about all those ridiculous stories in the news about the latest way that teens are getting high? The stories are geared to terrify parents. (2010-10-24)

SNL Skit: My Mom is On Facebook Filter: Saturday Night Live had quite the Facebook theme last night. (2010-10-10)