SNL Skit: Knights of the Realm Fight a Dragon Starring Elton John and Tom Hanks

Posted on April 3, 2011

In this SNL skit, a dragon is attacking London, so Prime Minister Cameron has reactivated the Knights of the Realm to fight it. Unfortunately, the only people that have been knighted are all celebrities who aren't quite up to the task.

Nevertheless, Sir Elton John, Sir Richard Branson (Bill Hader), Sir Bono (Andy Samberg), Sir Michael Caine (surprise guest Tom Hanks), Sir Ringo Starr (Fred Armisen), Sir Ian McKellan (Taran Killam) and Sir Mix-a-lot (Kenan Thompson) make plans to battle the dragon and save Britain.

Sir Richard has a crazy idea involving a jet pack. No one listens to Ringo who sounds like he actually has a workable plan. And Sir Ian stays in character as Gandalf, quoting passages from The Lord of the Rings while wearing a full wizard costume. Sir Elton gets in a really good crack at Bono's disastrous Spider-Man musical. It's hilarious.

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