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Here are the latest posts about James Bond on Watchers Watch:

Daniel Craig is James Bond in First SPECTRE Trailer: Daniel Craig returns as James Bond in the first teaser trailer for SPECTRE, directed by Sam Mendes. Christoph Waltz and Monica Belluci co-star. (2015-03-28)

Sam Mendes Returns to Direct Bond 24: Sam Mendes, director of Skyfall, will return to direct Bond 24. The film is slated for US release on November 6, 2015. (2013-07-30)

Adele Wins Golden Globe for Skyfall Song: Adele won the Golden Globe for Original Song, Motion Picture at the 2013 Golden Globes. (2013-01-14)

Next James Bond Film on Hold: Bad news for James Bond fans. (2010-04-20)

Harry Potter to Overtake Bond as Top Grossing Franchise: Variety reports that Harry Potter is poised to overtake the James Bond film franchise with the opening of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. (2009-07-13)

DVD Review: Quantum of Solace: The James Bond franchise is in good hands. (2009-04-10)

James Bond Beaten by Dancing Penguins: Happy Feet, which stars lots of dancing animated penguins, was tops at the box office this past weekend, beating out Casino Royale. (2006-11-20)

James Bond and the Haunted Plane: The set of the new James Bond film, Casino Royale, has been plagued with accidents and disasters -- from the star's injuries to an entire set of Venice going up in flames, this is clearly a creepy set to work on. (2006-08-16)

James Bond to Drive Ford in Casino Royale: The latest news about the Casino Royale film, starring Daniel Craig as 007, is that James Bond will be driving a Ford in the movie. (2006-03-07)

Daniel Craig and the 007 Curse: The Sun reports (article no longer available) on the latest disaster to befall Daniel Craig: the man who would be James Bond in the new film, Casino Royale. (2006-02-28)

The Bond Fiasco Widens: Just when you thought that whole James Bond Casting Fiasco couldn't get any worse, it does. (2005-10-26)

Is the New Bond a Dud?: We were shaken and stirred to our very foundations by this horrifying report by The Daily Mail about the goings-on at the press conference to announce that blondie Daniel Craig is the new James Bond. (2005-10-17)