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7 Films Remain in Competition for Oscar's Makeup Category: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced that seven films remain in competition in the Makeup category for the 84th Academy Awards. (2012-01-12)

10 Films Remain in Contention for Visual Effects Oscar: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced that ten films remain in the running in the Visual Effects category for the 84th Academy Awards. (2012-01-05)

83rd Annual Academy Awards Winners List: The winners of the 83rd Annual Academy Awards were announced last night. (2011-02-28)

Kathryn Bigelow: First Woman to Win Best Director Oscar: The Hurt Locker director Kathryn Bigelow became the first women to win a Best Director Oscar when she won the Academy Award Sunday night. (2010-03-09)

Hurt Locker Wins Most Oscars, Including Best Picture: The Hurt Locker dominated the Oscars last night. (2010-03-08)

Star Trek Wins Best Makeup at 82nd Academy Awards: Mindy Hall, Barney Burman, and Joel Harlow accept the Academy Award for Achievement in Makeup during the 82nd Annual Academy Awards at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, CA, on Sunday, Mar (2010-03-08)

41.3 Million Watch 82nd Academy Awards Telecast: 41. (2010-03-08)

Stars of John Hughes Films Return for John Hughes Oscar Tribute: Stars of John Hughes many memorable hit 80s film returned to honor his memory at the Oscars. (2010-03-07)

Report: Neil Patrick Harris to Open Oscars: Deadline reports that Neil Patrick Harris and Martin Short will open the Oscars with a musical number. (2010-03-02)

Avatar, District 9 Nominated for Best Picture Oscar: For the first time ever, two science fiction films have been nominated for the Best Picture Oscar. (2010-02-02)

10 Best Picture Oscar Nominations: Ten pictures are nominated in the Best Picture category this year. (2010-02-02)

Philippe Petit Balances Oscar on His Chin: Philippe Petit balanced on Oscar on his chin after his documentary won the Oscar for Best Documentary. He also balanced a rose on his nose backstage. (2009-02-23)

A Few Oscars For Science Fiction and Fantasy Films: There were not many films nominated for Academy Awards in the science fiction and fantasy categories but a few films did win Oscars including Wall-E, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and The Dark Knight. (2009-02-23)

81st Academy Award Winners: Slumdog Millionaire took home eight Oscars last night including Best Picture and Best Director but no acting awards. (2009-02-23)

The Dark Knight Snubbed by Academy: The Oscar nominees were announced this morning very early in Los Angeles. (2009-01-22)

Jon Stewart's Gaydolf Titler Joke: Jon Stewart had a great performance last night hosting the 80th Academy Awards. (2008-02-25)

Golden Compass Team Wins Best Visual Effects Oscar: Trevor Wood, Ben Morris, Bill Westenhofer, and Michael Fink won the Best Achievement in Visual Effects Oscar for their work on The Golden Compass. (2008-02-25)

The Oscars Are Coming: The Oscars are this Sunday. (2008-02-22)

Oscars President Wants Answer From WGA About Telecast: The Oscars bigwigs are putting pressure on the Writers Guild to give them an answer about whether the show will go on. (2008-02-07)

Jon Stewart to Host 80th Academy Awards: Longtime producer Gil Cates announed that Jon Stewart has been chosen to reprise his stint as host of the Oscars. (2007-09-14)