Jon Stewart's Gaydolf Titler Joke

Posted on February 25, 2008

Jon Stewart had a great performance last night hosting the 80th Academy Awards. In addition to telling jokes he also played Wii on the big screen and watched movies on an iPhone during the Oscars show. Here is one of his funniest jokes of the night - the Gaydolf Titler joke.

You have to give Barack Obama credit, he's overcome a great deal. Not just he's an African-American. Barack Hussein Obama is his name. His middle name is the last name of Iraq's former tyrant. His last name rhymes with Osama. That's not easy to overcome. I think we all remember the ill-fated 1944 presidential campaign of Gaydolf Titler. It's just a shame, Titler had so many good ideas. We just couldn't get past the name. And the moustache.

Gaydolf Titler already has over 4,000 Google results and dozens of Technorati results. The video below contains Stewart's opening monologue.

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