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Tom Cruise vs. Germany: It's a Tie Game: For those of you keeping score, Germany appears to be ahead in the ongoing match between the former Weimar Republic and Scientologist Tom Cruise. (2007-07-03)

Tom Cruise, the Nazis and the Plot to Assassinate Hitler: The family of a World War II German office who tried to assassinate Adolf Hitler is very unhappy about the casting of Tom Cruise in a film about the plot. (2007-03-29)

Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner Take Over United Artists: Variety reports that Tom Cruise and producing partner Paula Wagner are set to revive United Artists, the studio that was originally founded to be run by artists but which is now a unit of MGM. (2006-11-02)

Will Brad Pitt Replace Tom Cruise as Star of Mission Impossible Films?: Tom Cruise may no longer be the star of the Mission Impossible franchise. (2006-09-19)

J.J. Abrams Completes His Mission: Mission Impossible III is a great movie. J.J. Abrams did a great job. (2006-05-09)

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