Vidal Sassoon Documentary Tells Life Story of Hair Genius

Posted on May 17, 2011

He simply was hairstyling in the 1960s and 1970s. Hair genius Vidal Sassoon's amazing life story -- from growing up in an orphanage to becoming an internationally famous hair stylist and businessman who sold his empire to Proctor and Gamble -- has been documented in a film called Vidal Sassoon the Movie, which is now being released in England. The Telegraph's Belinda White caught up with the man who changed the world through what he calls his fascination with hair.

Vidal says it humbles him when he thinks of all the success he's had in his profession. He says if you're going to do something you must do it well. He said he was always fascinated with hair. He compares hairstyling to creating architecture, but with a living substance. Be sure to watch for the classic Vidal cut on former model Grace Coddington, who is now the Creative Director of Vogue magazine.

Here is the trailer of the documentary, Vidal Sassoon: The Movie:

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