American Girl Launches Movie for 2016 Girl of the Year Lea Clark

Posted on May 16, 2016

American Girl has developed its first movie for Lea Clark, the 2016 Girl of the Year doll. The new movie - Lea to the Rescue - is the sequel to the American Girl original book series. It follows Lea as she travels deep into the Brazilian rainforest to solve the mystery of her missing brother.

American Girl introduced Lea Clark at the start of the year. Lea is a photographer who goes on adventures to Brazil. The products include a Rainforest House, a paid app and a book series written by author Lisa Yee.

The film stars actress Maggie Elizabeth Jones as Lea Clark. It is directed by Nadia Tass. Lea befriends an Amazonian tribespeople in the movie. She also has to find a way to bring a group of ruthless animal poachers to justice. The film arrives on Blu-ray on June 14. It will be released on Digital HD on May 31. Here is the movie trailer:

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