Andy Serkis Shows Conan How Caesar and Gollum Would Have a Phone Conversation

Posted on July 12, 2014

Andy Serkis is a genius at doing motion capture roles. He's played Gollum in The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit and is now playing the ape Caesar in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. He was a guest on Conan O'Brien's show to talk about the film.

Andy has also been cast in the new Star Wars movie, but he's not allowed to say what role he is playing. He joked to Conan O'Brien that the security is so tight you can't even take your script into the bathroom with you.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is on track to make huge box office this weekend in its opening. In this movie the apes can talk, but they still make ape noises. So Andy had to learn eight different vocalizations to be a realistic ape for the film. He demonstrated the ape noises and then he did something really funny. Andy then imagines a phone call between Gollum/Smeagol from Lord of the Rings and Ceaser from Planet of the Apes.

Gollum calls Caesar on the phone to tell him he is on the Conan O'Brien show. Caeaser notes that Conan is funny. Gollum agrees, but Smeagol does not. Gollum insists that Conan is funny, then takes aim at poor Andy Richter. It's absolutely hilarious and Andy is simply amazing. Take a look:

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