Barbie Gets Super Powers in Barbie in Princess Power.

Posted on March 25, 2015

Barbie becomes a super hero in a new animated film, Barbie in Princess Power. The release of the film earlier this month follows a dramatic entrance Barbie made at Toy Fair World in Nuremberg.

Barbie came in flying above the crowd wearing a pink cape and mask in a stunt at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. Mattel says that even though Barbie has some impressive new powers she will stay grounded through teamwork and friendship - two powers she has always had.

Barbie as a super hero seems like a clever move for the brand given the popularity of super hero films and TV shows. Barbie is Kara, a modern day princess, in Barbie in Princess Power. She gets her powers after being kissed by a magical butterfly. That is one of the sweetest possible ways to gain super powers. No being bitten by a nasty radioactive spider for Barbie.

Some of Barbie's powers include flight, agility and super strength. These are described as "princess powers" by Barbie's friends. Here is a trailer for Barbie in Princess Power. This is the 30th animated Barbie film from Mattel.

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