Blake Lively Meets a Shark Up Close in Second Shallows Trailer

Posted on June 10, 2016

Blake Lively meets a shark in the first full trailer for The Shallows. Blake plays Nancy who gets into her wetsuit, picks up her surf board and dives into the blue water. The waves are really intense and she eventually falls and scrapes across some coral on the bottom of the ocean. We're thinking this releases some of her blood into the water, which draws a deadly predator.

This trailer calls to mind the opening scene of Jaws in which a woman swimming in the ocean at night gets attacked by a great white shark. She didn't make it. But Nancy manages to get out of the water alive, but gets stuck on a rock far from shore.

While all this is occurring we hear a snippet from one of the old educational videos from Coronet, made in the 1950s. That video discusses the important topic of self reliance and how crucial it is in life, which is certainly on point. The film hits theaters on June 29th and we still don't know why Nancy broke all the rules about never surfing or swimming on a strange beach alone.

The shark is huge and absolutely terrifying. It must have been quite grueling to film. Take a look:

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