Brad Pitt Gets Grilled on Between Two Ferns

Posted on October 23, 2014

Brad Pitt was the guest on what was arguably the funniest installment of Between Two Ferns. Clueless interviewer Zach Galafianakis begins the segment by complaining about the fact that he has to interview stupid actors again, after having interviewed President Barack Obama. Of course, Pitt can hear the entire conversation between Zach and his producer.

The interview just got progressively weirder after that. Zach introduced Brad as Brad Pitz and the caption on the screen referred to Brad as "Bart Pit, star of 12 Years a Salve." We are never going to be able to think of that movie in the same way again. Zach's questions got ruder as he went on, demanding to know when Brad lost his virginity -- was it when he was 0? Brad didn't answer that one.

Zach also asked Brad, "Is it hard for you to maintain a suntan?" A confused Brad asked, "why would that be?" "Because you live in your wife's shadow," replied Zach. He then asked about when Brad first met wife Angelina Jolie, "Was it one of those classical love stories like when Ross first saw Rachel? You know that show Friends, you've seen that? Then Zach pressed a button which played the Friends theme song. "I always liked that song," shared Brad.

Brad looked like he was having a terrible time keeping a straight face, as the questions got ruder and ruder. Brad did deny that he and George Clooney dress in tuxedos, look at each other and declare, 'aren't we a couple of Dapper Dans?' When Brad's answers were too boring for Zach, he brought in Louis C.K. to do a little stand up.

Brad did manage to get in a plug for his charity which builds houses in New Orleans for people displaced by Hurricane Katrina, and he did get to mention his new movie Fury, which Zach referred to as Furry. Actually, we like the sound of Furry. Of course, it would be totally different movie. Take a look:

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