Brad Pitt and His Inglourious Moustache

Posted on December 10, 2008

Brad Pitt is on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine wearing the hideous stache that Quentin Tarantino is requiring him to sport for his role in the infuriatingly spelled film, Inglourious Basterds. Brad talks about his religious upbringing, his poor movie choices and being a dad. The interviewer feels compelled to note how weird Brad is during interviews: he fidgets constantly. The interviewer is clearly implying that he's on something.

The interview says, "In person, Pitt is warm and funny, but is also, at least while he's being interviewed, an extremely fidgety guy. He paces. He musses his hair. He tears little pieces of dried apricot into smaller pieces before popping them into his mouth. He rubs his knee so intensely it brings to mind Lennie from Of Mice and Men petting a rabbit."

Brad Pitt talked about playing Benjamin in his new film, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. He says, "I find Benjamin is about those universal things we all share - that 95 percent that makes us all the same, wherever we are in the world. Our loves, our hopes, but also the loss that we all walk around with and hide very well, and the ultimate notion that we're all expendable. To me, it's a counterstatement to this divisive period we've been in, where we focused on the two, three, four, five percent of ways in which we're different."

Brad Pitt talked about his future older self. He says, "I have this fantasy of my older days, painting or sculpting or making things. I have this fantasy of a bike trip to Chile. I have this fantasy of flying into Morocco."

It's interesting that the interviewer made those personal comments about Brad's mannerisms, because Ted Casablanca over at E! says Brad has a drinking problem. So who knows what's going on. Also, is an aging Brad Pitt really going to bike to Chile? That's probably a better adventure for a young Pitt.

Here's the terribly mustachioed Pitt making a speech in the upcoming film.

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