Jennifer Lawrence and Jimmy Fallon Ask You to Come Dance With Them

Posted on November 19, 2015

Jennifer Lawrence is making the rounds to promote the last film in The Hunger Games saga, Mockingjay Part 2, which opens this weekend. Jennifer was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and of course the two of them starred in a very funny sketch which came out of the now notorious incident when she and Jimmy tried to coax Jennifer Lopez to dance with them at an event.

They agreed to dance up to her put out their arms and say, "Come dance with us!" But Jimmy bailed out when JLo's manager gave him the no sign. This left Jennifer looking like a crazy person demanding that JLo dance with her. Jennifer finally forgave Jimmy for wimping out and they've had a good laugh about it. Well, they're still laughing, and so are we.

Jimmy asked Jennifer if she'd heard about this new informercial that airs on QVC at 3:00 am. The video stars two dancers who look a lot like Jimmy and Jennifer, but are named Dez and Dash. The informercial is for an instructional dance tape called "Come Dance With Us." Jimmy had a clip and it was as ridiculous as you might expected.

The duo is wearing colorful club garb with black wigs. Jennifer is sporting some very interesting glasses, as well. They ask everyone to come dance with them, using the odd accents they used during the failed JLo prank. They demonstrated all of their unique dance moves, such as Check the Door, Bury the Nut and Peekaboo-a-choo. They end each segment by yelling "Pose!!" while they strike a dance pose.

They did three segments, and by the end they were both out of breath from all the dancing and costume changes. We got to see some truly awful dance moves, including the Lunch Box Salute, Bowling Confetti, Disco Binoculars, Row the Boat/ Check the Pulse, Slurp the Soup, Kick Waterfall, and Brow Brow Chicken Cow. But their go to move is always Check the Door.

We have one question. If Jennifer is such a klutz in real life (and all her friends and costars swear she is) how does she manage to do all these insane dance moves in 3 1/2" Christian Louboutin booties? Maybe she's better at dancing than walking. In any event, she's hilarious. Take a look:

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