Derek Zoolander and Stefon Visit Weekend Update

Posted on October 9, 2011

Ben Stiller hosted Saturday Night Live and appeared as Derek Zoolander, male supermodel during Weekend Update. He showed up as part of Stefon's (Bill Hader) piece on family-friendly attractions in New York City. First up is Club Ummm Hmmmm. This club and active crime scene has everything: stickballs, pick pockets, cookie crisps and is that Kate Moss sitting at the bar? (no, that was just a Pakistani family that cuts in line at Universal Studios).

Or Stefon says you could try another club. The name sounds like a cross between a duck's quack crossed with Arrrggghh. Located in a haunted synagogue, it was created by an Italian reggae singer named Rasta Primevera. It has brooms, scrunchies and a shaved lion that looks like Mario Batali.

At this point Derek shows up and turns out the two of them are going to a Halloween party together. Derek wants to spread a message: you don't need illegal drugs. There are plenty of good prescription drugs. We just love Stefon and his insane club picks. And we can't wait for another Zoolander movie. Take a look:

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