Donatella Versace Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge and it is Amazing

Posted on August 27, 2014

Just when we think the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has run its course, someone does another amazing video. Donatella Versace took the challenge and it just an amazing thing to behold.

Donatella is dressed in white pants and a white shirt with her signature flowing blonde locks. Behind her are two bare chested male models wearing low slung black jeans, matching haircuts and lots of gold chains and medallions.

Donatella says she is here to take the ice bucket challenge to help raise funds, not just to "ruin her makeup." She then nominates Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar, Pharrell and Prince. She asks viewers to donate to ASL (getting the initials out of order) and was in the process of quickly correcting herself to say ALS when someone behind the camera jumped the gun and prematurely gave the "go sign" to the models. She wasn't ready, but the models picked up the lovely blue urns and dumped ice water on the fashion designer's head.

Her reaction is priceless: she lets out a scream that surely must have been heard at the next villa over. Oh, Donatella, that was just fabulous. So...Prince, eh? Yes, we would like to see Prince do the ice bucket challenge. That is for sure. Here is Donatella:

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