Felicity Jones Gets a Visit From Tina Fey Dressed as Princess Leia During Her SNL Monologue

Posted on January 16, 2017

Felicity Jones hosted Saturday Night Live and did an excellent job. The Oscar winner and star of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Her monologue had several interruptions. Kenan Thompson interrupts her monologue dressed as Saw Guerrera from Rogue One. He brought a message from an old friend, which is a hologram of Tina Fey dressed as Princess Leia.

Felicity, who had seemed a bit nervous for the first part of her monologue exclaimed, "Oh my God, Tina Fey! You're in a headscarf -- are you a Star Wars princess??" Tina's spot on response, "No, I bought this at Eileen Fisher, they have amazing deals after the holidays." As for Felicity's nerves, Tina told her not to be scared, that if Steven Seagal could host the show, anyone could.

Tina continued giving sage advice explaining, "Tonight there will be lots of sketches and you’re not always going to be the funny one." But she let her know that, "No matter how it goes, the president of the United States will say it's sad and overrated." (President Elect Trump did indeed tweet about how awful and unfunny the episode was the next day.)

But Tina had a much more important message for Felicity to pass on telling her, "You must get this message to J.J. Abrams: tell him I am technically available to act in films." Take a look:

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