Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds Meet a Hostile Alien in First Life Trailer

Posted on November 2, 2016

Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds star in the first trailer for Life, a science fiction thriller that explores what happens when we do find life on Mars which appears to be quite hostile to humans. The trailer shows us the crew on a traveling International Space Station, which takes a sample from Mars.

The sample is a white crystalline structure with an appendage that looks kind of like a bean sprout. When the lead scientist (Ariyon Bakare) touches the appendage with his gloved hand, the sample shows that it is definitely alive and does not like being poked by a human hand. After that, things get really dicey on the space station which now contains a hostile alien that could apparently wipe out Earth. The trailer is very well-crafted and there is no way we are missing Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds fighting for their lives in space.

The voiceover takes sections from President John F. Kennedy's speech on going into space and a speech by astronomer Richard Berendzen given at the 1972 Life Beyond Earth symposium. The speeches are given an ominous twist with the creepy music and the disturbing first contact happening on the space station.

Rebecca Ferguson co-stars as one of the scientists on the ill-fated flight. Life was directed by Daniel Espinosa (Safe House) and is set to hit theaters in May, 2017. Take a look:

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