Concerns G-Force Film Will Make Kids Want Pet Guinea Pigs

Posted on July 22, 2009

Disney's G-Force movie opens in theatres this weekend. The film is an animated comedy that stars four highly trained guinea pigs out to save the world. Guinea pig rescue groups are concerned the film could foster lost of interest in guinea pigs, which are very fragile creatures that require lots of attention and care.

An article from NOLA says it has happened before. A big example is when the 101 Dalmations movie aired and families rushed out to buy black and white spotted puppies. Other films that have been linked to a surge in pet purchases include Legally Blonde, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Along Came Polly and Bedtime Stories.

The Humane Society says in an article about guinea pigs that an adult should be the pets primary caretaker. They also note that guinea pigs have lots of requirements, including "a roomy cage, specialized diet, daily cleanup and gentle handling." The ASPCA has an article about guinea pig care here.

Here's the G-Force trailer.

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