Gal Gadot and Jason Statham Star in Wix 2017 Super Bowl Ads

Posted on January 28, 2017

Wix has unveiled a new Super Bowl campaign starring Gal Gadot and Jason Statham. The action thriller ads mark the third time running Super Bowl ads for the cloud-based web development platform.

Omer Shai, Wix CMO, says in the announcement, "For our third appearance we really wanted to tell the Wix story ourselves and demonstrate our creative strength. For the past two years we have delivered positive campaigns that placed Wix in front of millions of people. The Super Bowl showcases our design talent, attracts new customers and immediately prompts conversations with exciting visionary partners. Our ads show the world our capacity for creativity and our platform delivers it."

Gal Gadot is best known to comic book fans as the new Wonder Woman and Jason Statham has starred in numerous action films. They play spies with top martial arts skills in the entertaining commercials. The two spies wreck a bistro owned by business owner Chez Felix in the first of the two ads.

Felix is an unintended target again in the second ad when Statham crashes through the roof of his food truck. Gadot jumps in and steps behind the wheel of the truck as the pair fight off bad guys. The truck ultimately winds up on a cruise ship where Felix uses Wix to launch a new website. Take a look:

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