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Here are the latest posts about Commercials on Watchers Watch:

Rob Riggle Stars as Coach Colonel Sanders in New KFC Commercials: Comedian Rob Riggle stars as Coach Colonel in new KFC commercial. He coaches the Kentucky Buckets. (2016-09-28)

Darrell Hammond is Colonel Sanders: Comedian Darrell Hammond is Colonel Sanders in a new campaign. (2015-06-18)

Zombies Cannot Resist Power of New York Lottery: Zombies are unable to resist the power of the New York Lottery in this clever commercial from DDB. (2012-07-06)

Brand Mascots Gather at Advertising Week 2011: Lots of different brand mascots, including the Michelin Man, Tony the Tiger, Smokey the Bear and Mr. Peanut, gathered in one place. (2011-10-14)

Putting a Stop to Loud TV Commercials: Super loud commercials may soon be a thing of the past. (2009-10-16)

Cavemen: Funny Commercial But Good Show?: The original premise of the Caveman commercial for Geico was pretty funny but was it really good enough to carry an entire show? Is it just a joke taken too far? A review of Cavemen on Boston. (2007-10-16)

Late Night Monologues May Be Interrupted by More Commercials: The Media Post's TV Watch blog is warning that earlier commercials may be coming to interrupt the usually "relatively commercial-free first half hour" of late-night talk shows. (2007-08-08)

Gaylord is the Ideal Toy: Here is a funny old black and white tv commercial for a pull toy. (2007-01-01)

A Very Big Ad: These people are in a very big ad. (2006-12-11)

Zany Folger's Ad Generates Web Buzz: MSNBC. (2006-09-21)

Cowboy Rides Giant Razor in Weird Schick Ad: Who are the ad wizards that came up with this one? Schick Quattro has come up with a ridiculous series of Chippendale-like promotions for their latest razor at holdonladies. (2005-06-16)

Gillette Razor Ads Disassemble (That Means Not Tell the Truth, Right?): You've heard the pitch on endless TV ads: The Gillette M3Power Razor first lifts hairs up, then mows them down. (2005-06-07)