Ariana Grande Gets Left Behind for Maps in T-Mobile Commercial

Posted on October 12, 2016

Ariana Grande finds herself left behind on the road in a new T-Mobile commercial called "Road Trip." In the ad, the driver of the vehicle does not enough data to both listen to Ariana and use her navigation technology.

The ad begins with Ariana's song "Side To Side" playing. Ariana is sitting in the passenger seat. She says to the driver, "Sing it girl, come on."

Suddenly, a warning from Verizon pops-up that says, "90% of data used." The driver tells Ariana that she is sorry but she has to go. Ariana says, "You're going to choose navigation over me?" Maps is invited to the front seat and Ariana is left behind on the road in her pink coat.

Ariana shouts at the driver, "Girl, you better get on T-Mobile." Ariana can later be seen hitchhiking with her thumb out.

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