Scarlett Johansson Stars in First Ghost in the Shell Trailer

Posted on November 14, 2016

Scarlett Johansson stars in the first trailer for Ghost in the Shell an SF action film based on the popular Japanese manga character. Scarlett plays The Major, a cyborg who works in a special ops unit protecting a city that looks like a futuristic Tokyo.

She is excellent at her job, but over time she has realized that something is missing in her life. She says, "Everyone around me - they feel connected to something, connected to something I'm not." She is told that she was dying and they saved her life so that she could now save others. But the Major is tipped off that her superiors may be lying to her about who she was as a human.

The Major leads Section 9, the elite unit which is tasked with going after the most dangerous enemies, especially the terrorists who want to wipe out Hanka Robotics -- the corporation that created the major. Scarlett Johansson does a great job of telegraphing the confusion and disassociation of her character, and of course -- also being the Black Widow-- she can kick some major ass, with the help of a bodysuit that renders her invisible. Of course, a little Depeche Mode never hurts either.

The film was directed by Rupert Sanders (Snow White and the Huntsman) and also stars Michael Pitt, Juliette Binoche, Rila Fukushima, Pilou Asbaek and Takeshi Kitano. take a look:

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