Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts Talk Aggressive Paparazzi, Children Wanting to be Actors

Posted on June 22, 2011

Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks were guests on Showbiz Tonight to talk about their new film, Larry Crowne. Jill Simonian asked Julia and Tom what advice they would give their younger selves when they started in the entertainment industry.

Julia says it was so different when she started than it is now. The paparazzi were polite, there was no Internet or social media or instantaneous news. Now she's hounded by paparazzi while she's walking her kids to school.

Tom says children should not be in the public eye and be harassed by the paparazzi. But Julia said she would still do it all over again, because you have to follow your dreams. Tom said he would tell his younger self to trust his instincts more and to say no to some things he said yes to.

Jill then asked Julia what she would tell her children if they come to her and say they want to be actors? Julia said she would tell them "to aim higher." That cracked Tom up (his son Colin Hanks is a successful actor).

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