Harrison Ford Addresses Controversy Over Ender's Game Author Orson Scott Card

Posted on July 19, 2013

Harrison Ford is at Comic-Con to promote Ender's Game which is based on the award-winning novel by Orson Scott Card. Card's anti gay marriage views have caused controversy to surround the film as some gay rights groups vow to boycott the movie.

The studio has made statements that the film has nothing to do with Mr. Card's view son gay marriage and is planning a pro gay rally to support the film (which really has nothing to do with the issue in any way). Since the Supreme Court ruled on gay marriage, Card has acknowledged that his side lost, and has dialed back his rhetoric. But the studio has made sure he stays away from promotional events.

Here Harrison Ford answers a question about the issue. Ford has repeatedly stated his support for gay rights and gay marriage and says that the film has nothing to do with those issues. He says that Mr. Card has a right to his opinion, although he doesn't agree with it. Card himself recently said in a statement that he book was written in 1984 when gay rights was not even a political issue yet. Take a look:

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